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good morning or what ever time it is you hoomans call it. :2016trophy:IMPORTANT!!: Adding me without comenting why first will be declined:2017trophy:

defeating a sandvich only makes it tastier

Link to my channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCUkMvLYPATHWvHTHclrUGhQ ߷߷߷߷߷

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Well if your reading this you must have nothing better to do so here's a little about myself.

(Note if you want to trade with me most my items are up for trade but the Awperhand is not Thanks.)

1. In tf2 I main medic
2. I like to watch Grimm.
3. My favorite anime is Attack on Titan.
4. Fav AoT character is Mike Zacharius

Things i dislike:
1. Scamers
2. Pineapple on pizza (like dafuq?)

If you want to friend me to trade or play a game together leave a comment. I will trade if the items i receive are worth what i give so I do not get scammed or so you dont get scammed. If you add me to play a round of L4D2, TF2, Dead by daylight ect as said before just comment saying why and what game.

Friends/plebs I play/record with

Cutegamin64934 :meloblue:


Patreeko09 :ussr_banner:


LavaPastelHaz_999 :disgusted:


Things i like other than gaming:

1. Riding a bike (not a motorbike)
2. Eating sleeping repeating those steps.
3. Watching anime AoT, SaO a few others.
4. Watching Forensics Files.
5. Reading/Watching Harry Potter, the big Bang Theory, Reading The Walking Dead, Grimm, my little pony friendship is violence
6. Playing chess.
7. Making lego star wars mocs
8. Playing the piano
9. Trying (and failing) to cook
10. Reading books and watching Tv

Favorite foods. I have to many so heres a few of the many many foods in no order.

1. Sushi (teriyaki chicken w/cucumber)
2. Pizza meat lovers,garlic and egg/bacon
3. Ice cream (cookies and cream).
4. Steak (with gravy and mash potato).
5. Spicy chicken (family recipe).
6. Chicken schnitzel.
7. Potato, Peas with sausages.
8. Pies from pie in the sky.
9. Chips and gravy.
10. Garlic bread. And much much more.

How many times have i been scamed and what have i lost?
2 times
Feb 2016 i was scammed on csgo and lost all my skins. Main ones i remember was my scar20 cardiac stat track fac new, awolnation music kit, stat track r8 revolver fade field tested.
Recently in september 2017 in tf2 i lost my unusual but i just happened to be buying a new one soon so i was not as pissed. I lost a surgeon stallhelm unusual bubbling effect.

Thats all about my boring life for now.

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Wow. People actually take the time to read the comment before adding thing.
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-rep u are gaze
+rep u halpa me kill friendlies and kids filled with sodium potasium
(NH)Reyin Jul 2 @ 10:57am 
We need Kill more hoovies and soidum kids
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(insert add reason here) no but really i saw you in tf2 and i wanted to friend you
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+rep, epic memer.