"Get fucked." ~ Driver Nephi, 2281.   Dusseldorf, Nordrhein-Westfalen, Germany
Waiting patiently for World War III to start.

lol welcome to the edgiest profile on steam

Good goys awards
1. Autism incarnate
2. Edgy weeb
3. Nice goy
Some other unimportant shit below.

Jew who reported me: this fag
my alt
my shitty yt channel
Thanks steam. I can't have a profile picture until June 21. GG steam.
I dress up as an edgelord on ROBLOX. [www.roblox.com]
Moderators hate me. Wait is that a mod? BACK FOUL BEAST, YOU!

autistic loner :(
Professional Micspammer ✔
Initials: I.E.B.
Gender: [REDACTED]

John 3:18 Anime is the work of the devil, the demon from the East. Since the the beginning of time the yellow-skinned devils have plagued this Earth with their vile ethnic cartoons. Cast them from your home and you shall be accepted into God’s kingdom.

Life goals:
Learn Russian.
Get out of Silver in CS:GO.
Perfect my German.

Current steam profile picture: You should know, retard.

Currently telling some Brits to kindly piss off in Egypt.
Apparently some mod with a small dick removed my wonderful artwork showcase
Some mod skullfucked me so I can't have a profile picture until January 3.

NOTE: You can comment whatever the fuck you want, nothing really offends me and I'll never delete a comment.

Oh and a message to our wonderful steam community moderators!

god help you

"For now I will stretch out my hand, that I may smite thee and thy people with pestilence; and thou shalt be cut off from the earth." ~ Exodus 9:15

you are gay.

Fuck off if you are looking for trade, I don't want your shitty cards. AND YES THOSE BERRETA URBAN SHOCK'S ARE OFF LIMITS.

Yes you are, Harry.

Favorite obscure indie developer: Hexage.

D.O.B.: oo.o o.oo, oo.-.-.ooo

Important dates: ooooo/-.ooooooooo/oo.-.-.ooo

If you can crack this you are a fucking genius.


PS: I really love the Half-Life/Portal universe!
PSS: I think the Fallout series is neat!

PC Setup:

Storage: 120gb SSD and 1tb HDD
RAM: 16gb ddr4
CPU: i5 7600k
GPU: Some MSI gtx 1080
Display:some 24 inch 1080p 180hz g-sync Asus gaming monitor
Mouse: Some Logitech gaming mouse with changeable weights
Keyboard: Corsair strafe rgb
Headset: some Logitech gaming headphones with a shitty mic

Favorite video game composers (In no order, yet)
1. Kelly Bailey (All HL games + Portal 1 and CSGO music kit)
2. Daniel Rosenfeld aka C418 (Minecraft)
3. Joel Nielsen (Black Mesa)
4. Martin O'Donnell and Michael Salvatori (Halo: Combat Evolved)
5. Evan Gipson (Mines of mars and Morphite)
6. Scott Lloyd Shelley aka Resonance array (Terraria)
7. Trent Reznor (Quake 1)
8. Kubatko (Redcon and Reaper)
9. Jasper Byrne (Hotline miami 1 & 2 plus Lone Survivor.)
NOTE: I play Minecraft but ONLY Heavily modded 1.7.10 (I hate the kiddie online community)

I'm a pirate, ARR!
(No seriously the pirate bay is awesome.)



I'm actually unironically really considering into joining the KKK.
Currently Online
EVEN more info.
So it turns out I ran out of space to write in my description, so I guess I'm using this.

And I guess I'll finish this up later.
omfg I love the cortex command soundtrack and lore

Well, here is a good video in the meanwhile: https://youtu.be/K3VQULyT390

So I ran out of space for real. I'll type this up on a real keyboard. Fuck touchscreens.

I'm currently re-learning Lua, don't expect me to play much games for the time being.

Starting May 30, 2018, I WILL NOT use the "sinders" or "sinders3ahes" pseudonym again. (Or at least for a looooong period of time.) I misspelled those names intentionally to keep them from showing up in search results. Why am I doing this? Because my school (and the fuuucking FBI to some extent) is hunting every single trace of myself online to condemn me as a criminal in the making. I'm sorry for any inconveniences. Also, unfortunately, any comments left here with my old pseudonym might need to be deleted. Again, I'm sorry.

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