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7:00 chris_________________: i love the gays
7:00 chris_________________: all of em

13:50 - 「Shiken」: That is very sex


The quote wall of William Fancyson

"You put their lives in danger because of me"

"His command is my wish"

"I miss being 12, where you can do anything to you"

"I can string a sentence together PERFECTLY FINE"

"You forgot the interior" (me)
"Yeah I know I sold my car"


"The are good songs"

"Probably not, probably maybe"


"Heads don't talk normally"

"Sausages are round cylinders"

"He doesn't live here, he just kinda lives here in a way"

"unless i'm your"

"Red cars are made out of paint, so they go faster"

"What's a green cucumber called?" "A cucumber"
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Pls beg for him something else for ya boy bye love bye see you tomorrow bye see you soon I’ll see ya tomorrow then I can go to get him to get a hold him bye
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go to gulag pidaras or pokashi svoi siski
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Added to "I want try to do one more shit in jump arena on JA"
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backpaddling is very effective in mga and makes dodging easy