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I can tell a scammer from a mile off. If you're adding to scam, for your own sake and time, don't bother.

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1. DON'T Spam anything on my comment section.
2. DON'T comment anything homophobic, racist, sexist, etc. Unless you’re Spheederman, then you can say whatever you want.
3. DON'T post any links (unless it’s a safe link)
4. DON'T be a dick.
5. Be polite and/or civil about any quarrel you have with me.
6. Please for the love of god, leave a comment before adding me.

Also, here's my trade link. for some reason.
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Selling this Nice, Clean All class unusual for 40 keys.
All types of offers are welcomed.
Feel free to add me to negotiate, or send me an offer if you're interested.

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Apamdacn Jul 5 @ 7:22am 
sent offer, feel free to switch out items that u use to those u don't
Plums Jun 25 @ 7:01pm 
I forgot to add you lol
syn Jun 9 @ 2:57pm 
r4ts Jun 3 @ 12:57pm 
I'm gonna have to decline.
GoofyProfessional Apr 11 @ 6:44pm 
hello KAWAII!!! haha just thought I'd catch your attention ^_^. Basically I'm an Otaku (that means I lUV japan!!) I saw yoiu playing a few japanese games and I thought that was really really epic! We could play some together maybe? I can show you some really cool anime theres this anime called yuri on ice (yuri means lesbian yes Im such a nerd i kn shh;)) but the show is actually about yaoi (yaoi means gay dont worry youll pick up all thise terms in no time :3) I really like watching anime with cute boys which is kiiiiiinnnddaaa why I added you *blushes* eek! what did I just say?! *runs away* add me on skype..? O_O
Ninjahulk Apr 5 @ 3:52am 
Happy celebration of your birth