New York, United States
Hobbies: accidentally pressing ', ], or \ before the return key
No unsolicited friend requests unless you leave a comment, like seriously people this should be common sense

Trade Offers: https://steamcommunity.com/tradeoffer/new/?partner=119344460&token=YGKzf78Z

cool guy

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E-mail linking seems to be broken. It's HoofEMP@gmail.com
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if you give me 1 ref i'll type whatever you want in this box
sonic porn is the only good porn. Cant wait for sonic mania plus!

                                                                                                                                   ~KiD Colombo
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Besides these, all of my Steam gifts, all of my TF2 crates, all of my duplicate TF2 weapons, and all of my duplicate trading cards are for sale. Send me a trade offer!
Buying: Head Hedge for 1.33 ref, Sledder's Sidekick for 10 ref, Decal Tool for 2 ref
I temporarily don't have a Mobile Authenticator.

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flygongamer2007 Jul 11 @ 9:00am 
kamеwf Jul 11 @ 2:45am 
that's not what i meant by leave a comment if you want me to accept your friend request
Lil dango l Mannco.trade Jul 11 @ 2:44am 
kamеwf Jul 2 @ 9:19pm 
you can't kill me, i have a big stick
flygongamer2007 Jul 2 @ 9:05pm 
The Holy Ghost - Today at 9:04 PM
i say we lynch moofy
[Fellas] Rocko7927 Jul 2 @ 9:03pm 
it's only gamem y u heff to be gay :DSTchester: