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Erika   Dresden, Sachsen, Germany
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It's not about changing the world.

It's about doing our best to leave it the way it is.

It's about respecting the will of others and believing in your own.
Also known as AT0MSK.

Contact me
Discord: 💙 Erika 💙#9239 (may change)
Battle.net : AT0MSK#1887
Twitch: AT0MSK_01
Reddit: /u/AT0MSK01

General Information
Name: Erika
Gender: Female
Nationality: German-American
Occupation: Student
Age: No.

General: History, Legos, Building / Architecture, Cosplay
Games: Minecraft, Terraria, EU4, HOI4, RUINER, WoW
Music: Dark synth, Outrun, House, Power Metal
Bands: Carpenter Brut, Perturbator, Kavinsky, Sabaton, Nujabes
Anime: Jojo, Gurren Lagann, Jin-Roh, Akira
Countries: Germany, Poland, Taiwan / ROC

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Uncle Benz 6 hours ago 
Erika ist Deutsch-Amerikanerin
• Hyäne • 10 hours ago 
I'm still learning German... Yea, ''don't hate me''...
💙 Erika 💙 20 hours ago 
don't hate on him, he's polish. pretty great country
Nomen Jul 21 @ 7:35am 
He says while speaking English
• Hyäne • Jul 21 @ 7:26am 
German is the most beautiful language :Big_Heart:
+Reppp~ :starsMR4:
tars Jul 21 @ 12:13am