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Katja   Bayern, Germany
:ADNalert: Comment on why you add me please!Read profile for info! :ADNalert:
Have you ever tried walling someone with a Glock? -DooM49
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Hi, I go by Rehlein or Katja :whitekitty:

:ADNalert: I WILL NOT add you if you don't leave a comment :ADNalert:

Feel free to rate me! :BBEAR: [www.steamtrades.com]

Basic Info

:foxspirit: Name - Katja

:foxspirit: Sex - Female

:foxspirit: Birthday and Age - 7.7 - Ask for it

:foxspirit: Location - Germany Ask for city

:foxspirit: Relationship - Ask for it



(For the sake of not having to translate everything from Deustch/German to English everything on the profile will be written in ENGLISH , but Deustch/German is my FIRST language, so my English may not be all that great, thanks for understanding)

Guide to Steam Status

In-Game - Don't bother messaging me, unless it's important. If you spam me, or keep pestering me about something that isn't important, you may end up getting removed from my friends list.

Online - I'm online, either playing Black Desert or checking out new games or looking at CSGO Skins.
Feel free to talk to me, and I'll probably get back to you in a few minutes or less :woodlehappy:

Away - I'm not at my PC. I'm either out and about, or sleeping
You can message me, but don't expect an answer any time soon :msfortune:

Offline - Something that you will almost never see, I'm either reseting Steam or my PC, or something important is happening.
Send your message, but note you WILL NOT get a reply :Sadclot:

Best Quotes

23:23 - ✪Rehlein™: Ya'know if you take Nicole, put a few letters in and take a few out, you get the word "Rape Victim."
23:23 - ✪Rehlein™: ;)

01:12 - ✪Rehlein™: Comfort me
01:12 - ✪ Vampy™: Fiiine
01:12 - ✪ Vampy™ hat den Status gewechselt zu: Abwesend.

01:21 - NoCAKEforu flaming сука блять: goin to need to take someones ass in my mouth and kiss it
01:21 - ✪Rehlein™: ;)


What's you favorite CS:GO skin?
I think it'd have to be the Nova:Walnut. :scKnight:

Where are you from?
Germany. :scKnight:
:CorpsWarning:(You'd be suprised how often this is asked):CorpsWarning:

Are you a girl?
Refer to my name, which is clearly written multiple times. Hopefully this helps. :scKnight:

Do you trade?
Yes, I do, feel free to shoot me an offer whenever you see something you like, and don't be discouraged if I decline it, spice it up a tad, then re-send it :scKnight:
My trade link

Can I add you?
Sure! I welcome everyone with open arms and I tend to be pretty lax on who I add and talk to, but leave a comment on my profile on why you added me, and I don't add private profiles and you must be over steam level 3, if you feel like we can be friends, go on and click that add button :scKnight:

Why didn't you accept the add?
Sorry, I tend to get a wee "trigger-happy" when going through notifications, so I may have just clicked ignore without really looking over it, or you don't meet my criteria listed above, if you do, just re-add me :scKnight:

Why was I removed?
Sorry 'bout it, we just didn't talk, or you were plain rude! If you still want to be friends, just shoot me another add request :scKnight:

Can I have free stuff?
If you're a good enough friend, that I trust, then sure, I can help you out with a knife in CS, or maybe a few trading cards, or maybe some skins in other games, but if I don't know you well enough, or you added me specifically for this, then probs not :scKnight:

Steam Stuff

Friend / Adding Requests
As I said earlier in my wonderfull wall of text, I'm pretty lax on who I add, but if you are under Steam level 3 and/or have a private profile please leave a comment on why you are adding me, if you don't I may not accept it. :scSheep:

I'm always open to conversations. Please note that although I rarely start conversations, I always try to respond to every chat message that I receive. If I don't respond, that means I'm either very busy with real life stuff or away. :scSheep:

Feel free to shoot me an invite whenever I'm online, just make sure that I have the game, and that I'm not in the middle of something else, if you think I might be (usually when I'm on another game) busy, shoot me a message asking me what's up. :scSheep:

I don't tend to start trades with other people, if you want something from my inventory, just send me an offer and we can go from there, also don't bother trying to scam me, I've seen everything in the book, but you are welcomed to try. :scSheep:

List of the Besties

Heretic/Troy :beansprouts: :tinder:

Cake :beansprouts:

Zeras :beansprouts:

Demo :beansprouts: :tinder:

Rachel :beansprouts: :tinder:

Mumbles :beansprouts:

Spood :beansprouts:

(Who knows, maybe you'll make this list one day!)

Rainbow 6 Team

I currently play for:




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last played on Jul 22
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Hey, fellow anime watcher, I've sent you a friend request. Why ? Cuz you watch anime, and this fact makes you a great person.
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ㅤ* The big difference between sex for money and sex for free is that sex for money usually costs a lot less.
ㅤ* A three-legged dog walks into a saloon in the Old West. He slides up to the bar and announces: "I'm looking for the man who shot my paw."
ㅤ* If you need space then work at NASA.
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So funny story for anyone say first say something then add me :)
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