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Tuomas ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)   Finland
Creator Of The Profile Picture Dr.Greeno

Master Of Using Melee/Meme Weapons

My Australium Drops
1st Australium Rocket Launcher 10 Tours

My Quote~ Being Best At Being The Worst
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The more down you go the more weird it is trust me.

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It's not a rick roll

I'm Cucumber the Scrap Lord. I'm God at melee. I'm a Cucumber and i still have no life?!?!?!?!?!

I'm a fucking legend m9. I'm the Creator of Memes. If you see me play You know i'm gonna use my own fucking tactics because i'm a Cucumber and u mom gey (jk)

First thing of the bat. I have restarted my tf2 stats ages ago. So they aren't Accurate.

I'm a finnish fgt who likes playing games. i don't have a life. i play Team Fortress 2, CSGO,PUBG,Overwatch,Garry's Mod, Oh Sir series and Minecraft when i'm fucking bored.

Not the everyday Finnish boi

3 Games i mostly play are: TF2, PUBG, CSGO

Single? Of Course lol.

What i do irl. Nothing and school bap.

Favourite Youtuber: Dr.Greeno/Killionaire

Favourite Streamer: Killionaire/spikeymikey

Favourite Hobby: ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) Spam and Playing

Favourite Game: Team Fortress 2

Birthday on 24th of May

TF2 Main? Spy Main.Fuck you TopGamer

Favourite TF2 Map: Nucleus,Powerhouse and Suijin

Favourite Food: Cucumber and Tomato

Gambling Status: Addict +9000.000001 it's over nein thouSOULsand

Favourite Song: Tobu Mesmerize and Future Bass Hyper Potions Porta Vista

Age: Mystery

( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

CSGO Rank: Legendary Eagle (LE Is my best)

Meet Your Match TF2 Casual Rank: Level 150 MAX LEVEL. Did it in October 3.10 22:30

Jungle Inferno TF2 Casual Rank: Level 140 Tier 2

TF2 Competitive Rank: Rank 15 Raging Sociopath. It's the best i got. Hackers were a huge problem and bad team comps

The "Actual" TF2 Competitive Rank: Expert Assassin I 1726 MMR

I suck at PUBG :(

Favourite Drink: Dr Pepper

Favourite Drugs: ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

Favourite Meme: ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) and B O N E L E S S P I Z Z A

Favourite CSGO Map: Agency and (THEY REMOVED MILITIA) valve fuk u. I guess Office or Canals

Favourite Discord Group: Killionaire's Discord Group

Feel free to add me you don't really need a reason to add me And have a nice day :Dramatic::DressingRoomStar::Friends::OkaySir::Questions::elvis::2017stickytube::balloonicorn:
*u mom gey*


Update. I'm a Cucumber

i unboxed a 40€ jacket in PUBG Question Mark?

Not all heroes wear capes...


Ugandan pienin tunti palkka voi olla yks sentti OMEGAFUCKINGLUL

I'm just a retard who doesn't have a meaningful life playing games.

I'm really unlucky with timings


It's pretty hard to find a worse player than me


What do you expect

a Miracle?




i'm wasting your life




Just leave

I have probably wasted more than 5 minutes of your life if you scrolled and read everything

You need help mister

Still the worst player of all time

Can't even land a headshot lmao

3.4k hours wasted on tf2?

such wow 420


wait i'm "wasting" my own time aswell

Good for you

1+1 is still a dying meme

Please just go home

FBI Close down

haha reserved




is this heaven

wait we are going down

so this is hell?





it's 300 Celcius down here

it burns


116.3 hours past 2 weeks


n i b b a

a Week on a fucking island? Give me a break

Free Vege 4 u:cucumber:



Snapchat s u c c


everyone is so lazy that nobody is down here
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Tehn0 :D gibus Jul 13 @ 2:25am 
good sniperr +rep :3
Shツgen Jul 6 @ 1:40pm 
Blab Ҁ♫ Jul 1 @ 12:32am 
I think we both are in hell for comming that far down
Sr.Rojas Jun 30 @ 12:55am 
My name is Connor and i'm the android sent by cyberlife
kotkaJäbä Jun 9 @ 12:37pm 
he is the man
Neko Arnes May 31 @ 2:12am 
can i have you for dinner???