hi im roy
If you're sending me a friend request please comment down below, I have too many pending requests so I might miss you.

I am a FORMER FACEIT Administrator, FACEIT League Admin & ECS League Admin
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NOOB May 18 @ 4:49pm 
@BillyBanzai Yeap, extremely salty when he lost as well
BillyBanzai May 18 @ 4:18pm 
Shit personality. Nobody likes an arrogant fuckboy.
"june Apr 27 @ 8:03am 
ROY U SUCK :)))))))
EmreGOD Apr 21 @ 4:11am 
i can t connect my faceit account to steam please help me
N.W.A el zorrito Apr 8 @ 12:32am 
roy is banned from pugs too after ragequitting
★LIMA★ cs.money Apr 7 @ 3:08pm 
You are banned from PUG until Sat Apr 07 22:19:24 UTC 2018. Reason: Left 1 matches Help me bro