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Usually Livid? Depraved perversion? Fitting all this in one indiviual.

I occupy a position as a NHBL Referee and NHBL EU Fight Night Coordinator.
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I kinda forgot what I've been doing with my life.
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Why are you still reading past this point?
Fucking up your eyesight is fun?
Be my guest.

010Tim: http://i.imgur.com/CLi0JYV.png
nooph: good grief
nooph: look at all those fuckin sandwiches
010Tim: back off
010Tim: she made that bento for me

nooph: i cum in the wrong house all the time
nooph: i also cum in the owner's breakfast
Tim: nice

010Tim: im counting on you to say how gay i was at my funerals
xavier: tim was a lil bitch
xavier: he sucked dick for bus money and walked home
xavier: that nigga gay
xavier: thank you
xavier: *drops mic*
010Tim: this brought tears to my eyes

nooph: they could be japanese niggers
nooph: jiggers
010Tim: jiggers
nooph: like how white niggers are wiggers

nxxph: you're totally gonna be one of my groomsmen
nxxph: if you wear a teal ass suit to my wedding i'm gonna fucking elbow drop yo ass on a table

010Tim: i shower at 3 pm
nxxph: what the fuck is wrong with you

Tim: I prefered the picture where she was strapped practically naked to a poll
Yuuka: Oh, sorry
-And he still didnt change it back-

Tim: I beat the necro cloaker
Tim: he dropped kicked me on the safe
xavier: 11:17 AM - Tim: I beat off the necro cloaker
xavier: fixed
Tim: yes
xavier: because you're gay and you like penis
Tim: that was cumtastic
xavier: especially in your hands and mouth
xavier: occasionally butt

Sp00ky Zamby 18 juil 2014 @ 21h12
french robotic-child-molesting piece of shit

✿ Deanne ✿: Well then go and feel a dick.
spogo: No dicks shall be felt
✿ Deanne ✿: If you don't do it then you'll have to use your own.
✿ Deanne ✿: And for that you'll have to get ribs removed.
✿ Deanne ✿: DO YOU WANT THAT?
spogo: Not everyone has to pull a Marilyn Manson to suck their own dick
spogo: But I'm not trying.

Deanne but in Glasgow: Eat butt, I share pics
spogo: I wouldnt eat my ass for your nudes

Deanne: lazy fuck
Deanne: you’re talking about semen-related fatalities
this is not productive

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