要开心 要开心
要开心 要开心
August 9, 2017

why you read this?

it's just a random group,join or leave

I still keep my eyes closed even when I'm awake
I still feel that I'm early even when that I'm late
I still take a little time just to listen to Cole
And when you see me in my feelings that's when I listen to Drake
We aim for innovation, lack of preparation
And even with no gas we'll be quick with the racing
So you can be somebody right now with a clear vision
But that doesn't mean you know your destination

Lately I ain't been giving a damn
I try to make everyone happy, but I still never win
And what's the point in putting on a mask and being pretend
When everyone thinks they know me like they know who I am
But they don't
They just see another kid with a smile
They only look at my sky but never look at my grass
They never know when I'm lost they only know when I'm found
You probably see me in public but I'll be never around
Cause I be never outside, I be always at home
And even when I'm with the crowd I be feeling alone
So many people try to make me go and fall for the hype
But I already know myself I'd rather stay in my zone
I know exactly how it feels to be lost in the phase
When your whole life was a story but you still stuck on a page
And you can never tell nobody cause they couldn't relate
We all looking for a way to escape

Time is the only thing we got now (got now)
We doing everything just to make a balance (make a balance)
I learned not to always be a nice guy (nice guy)
Cause people always find a way to take advantage
I'm living that life when you can never ever try to manage
They take my pride and emotions try to make a sandwich
You never know what you got until it's gone and vanished
I scream my flaws to the world cause I am not embarrassed
They try to tell me I should calm down my ego
Been in the game I'm just tryna make a free throw
Who do you have when your attitude is zero
And then you look around, you don't spot a hero
Life is a full stage more like the Apollo
People wanna have way before they even borrow
We all search for happiness, but only get sorrow
But always remember that there is tomorrow
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